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Светильник Foanzo FZ-PL01 RGB

This PAR56 lamp housing is come out from our private mold which is adopt molding injection process, Combining with the unique reasonable structure,elegant appearance,this lamp’s waterproof rating could totally reach to IP68. The housing we used is all imported high quality ABS and PC materials,therefore, the lamps is super durable and eco-friendly ,which is absolutely suitable for a complicated underwater environments. The PC cover is made of high light transmission and UV-Resistant material, due to the PC cover producing mold is highly polished, the transmittance rate of the PC cover could reaches above 90. All the electronic components of this lamp are provided by authority suppliers,which is meticulously screened by us.Each produce and inspection process is strict operation in accordance with the production process standard.Besides,the lamps are fully inspected by QC before shipping so the excellent rate is 100%.

Item PowerLumen Color Input Vol. Frequency Work Tem. Store Tem. IP grade
FZ-PL01MD1515 Watt450-520RGB12V AC50/60Hz0~40℃"-15~45℃"IP68
FZ-PL01MK1515 Watt450-520
FZ-PL01MD2020 Watt600-700
FZ-PL01MK2020 Watt600-700
FZ-PL01MD2525 Watt750-850
FZ-PL01MK2525 Watt750-850
FZ-PL01MD3030 Watt900-1100
FZ-PL01MK3030 Watt900-1100
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